VIP- Prepared Custom Financial Plan

VIP- Prepared Custom Financial Plan


Custom Designed Financial Plan that includes Quarterly One-On-One Coaching with the Money Strategist for one year .

•VIP Prepared Custom Financial Plan consists of

  1. Goal Analysis and Discussion, Timeline, and Projected Cost.

  2. Cash Flow Management Analysis Plan.

  3. Debt Payoff Plan.

  4. Savings and Investment Analysis and Plan.

  5. Retirement Analysis, Forecast and Plan.

  6. Estate Outline and Plan.

  7. Summary Analysis and Written Detailed Summary Report. 

  8. Four Quarterly Checkup Meetings One-On One with the Money Strategist.

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VIP Prepared Custom Financial Plan. One-On-One Coaching with the Money Strategist  for one year .  The collaboration will encompasses in-depth discussions to determine your financial goals and  develop and design your Financial Plan to meet your financial goals .  The plan will provide detailed analysis on savings,  debt payoff, retirement planning, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and my signature method--Priority Assignment Net Pay (PANP) that allows you to live comfortably and securely. The client will also receive a detailed outline of each financial category with current status, changes and future projections,  detailed analysis of all financial data, and step -by step instructions to achieve their financial goals.

Payment Options:

  • Two Payments of $1,750. Please contact me directly to arrange payments.

  • Entire Payment of $3,500 can be made here on the site.


  • There are No Refunds. Thank You.