Problems Solutions Results (PSR)-Financial Coaching Tier II

Problems Solutions Results (PSR)-Financial Coaching Tier II


78 out of 100 people cannot pay for a $400 emergency when it occurs in their lives today. They have to use a credit card and pay 26% interest over and over again each day.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, then your money is going to your creditor’s bank accounts instead of your bank account.

You Wandered into Debt, but You Cannot Wander out of Debt.

You have lived in this situation for so long you have become numb to your money and your life. Debt payments rule your life and you are stressed and strapped in debt and payments.

If you miss one paycheck, you have a problem.

You will stay in this situation for the rest of your life only if you to choose to live this way.

You have the POWER of CHOICE to CHANGE your life by investing in you.

Choose to Win with a solid realistic financial roadmap to get you to your destination with solutions and results to ensure that you are financially secure and comfortable.

Life Does Not Hand You Dreams. You Make Them Happen.

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PSR Coaching consists of three (3) interactive coaching sessions with the client to discuss personal finance money matters, develop financial goals, outline custom solutions to execute the action/recommendations to achieve the client’s financial goals.

Tier II Level Financial Coaching consists of the following for the client:

  1. Monthly Budget and Cash Flow.

  2. Debt Pay Off Plan Savings

  3. Retirement Planning ( Contributions, Growth, etc).

Also Available PSR Financial Coaching- TIER I.