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Simple Money Truth- E Document

Money, we all want it whether you have more than enough, just enough or not enough. Money is earned, inherited, spent, saved, and invested. It allows us to pay for our wants and needs, and security for the future. There are some simple truth we need to heed to begin new mindset, behavior and actions with our money.

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E-Book- Money Truth- 2 Step Reality Check- $ 12

Are you spending more than you save? If so, you are not alone. 7 out of 10 people are living paycheck to paycheck and 78 out of 100 people cannot pay $400 cash for an emergency. My e-book, Money Truth-2 Step Reality Check provides steps to help you know your Owe and Know by: (1) understanding your income and financial status (assets), (2) determining your spending and debt habits, (3) preparing your 2-Step Reality Check Worksheets, and (4) creating your action plan to a change your personal money matters.

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E- Book- Get “Er Done!!- $12

For Middle class and Middle-Income Americans, their home is their largest debt owed and largest asset owned. Mortgage payments are more than 30% of their take-home-pay.  Many have stretched the percentage of their take-home-pay to 40%  because they are carrying larger mortgage debt. Mortgage Debt in the U.S. was over $9.9 trillion. These large mortgage payments have resulted in families stressed, strapped, and trapped.

This book provides 5 strategies, a plan, and tools to show you how to pay off your largest debt in record time.

As a bonus the Money Strategist provides her story on how she paid off her mortgage in 11 years.