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DISCLOSE BEFORE YOU DISROBE helps couples to no longer walk down the aisle NOR LIVE TOGETHER IN THE financial UNKNOWN.

In this straight-to-the-point guide, Financial Coach, Rita Oliver, serves up seven chapters to help couples prepare for their new life together with a “business meeting of the minds” to disclose their past, present, and future financial and legal affairs impacting their future household personal finances in their marriage. She shows them how to:

·       PREPARE for their disclosure meetings.

·       INQUIRE about each other’s Past, Present, and Future financial and legal obligations.

·       MANAGE two incomes to build wealth and leave a legacy.

·       ENGAGE in continuous communication about their finances with monthly “Table Talk”.


By the end of DISCLOSE BEFORE YOU DISROBE, you’ll understand why she asks, “If two people can share bed, bath and body before marriage, why can’t they talk about each other’s money before walking down the aisle to say, “I Do”?  If you are in love and ready to spend your life with your future spouse, then both of you should be ready to disclose EVERYTHING about your money.